A New Leaf East Valley Men’s Center

A New Leaf’s EVMC 94-bedshelter (76 shelter plus 18 transitional) provides comprehensive programs and strategies for each resident. Many of the men face challenges because of past substance abuse, criminal involvement, life changing events or simply a long life on the streets.

Residents are prescreened before enrollment and asked to be candid about the problems that resulted in their homelessness. Once at the facility, staff ensure that each resident comply with established rules. During their stay, all residents must work full-time and are encouraged to save 85% of their income.

The Center provides life skills training, work assistance, AA and NA services, socialization skills, food, basic needs and shelter. Case managers work individually with clients to set personal goals and address their barriers in becoming productive and contributing members of society.


  •        Increase residents skills and income
  •        Have reidents achieve greater self-determination
  •        Have residents obtain and remain in permanent housing

EVMC opened in December 1998 and merged with A New Leaf in November 2006. A New Leaf’s EVMC is funded by State, Federal, and local East Valley City Governments, Mesa and Valley of the Sun United Way and a variety of charitable organizations.  EVMC also receives support through fundraising, donations and volunteer services.

2345 N. Country Club Drive

Mesa, AZ 85201

Thomas Hutchinson, EVP Shelter Services                                                    (480) 601-6722

Thutchinson@turnanewleaf.org                                                            mdobay@turnanewleaf.org


For more information regarding how you can help this program through volunteering or donating, or to take a tour, contact the Development Office (480) 464-4648

********************* Please note that children under the age of 18 years are not allowed on site *************************

A New Leaf: Helping Families… Changing Lives through Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters, Youth and Community Program

Employment Opportunities: Human Resources (480) 464-7466, apply online

Call (480) 969-4024 for reasonable, accommodation on information, services and employment.

Hearing impaired call TDD(800) 367-8939.